Thrissur district NRI service co-operative society is formed with an objective for excellent welfare and enhancement of the expatriates and their family members in Thrissur. As a longtime dream of Thrissur expatriates to form a co-operative society of their own, it's formation is initiated by Padmasree Adv.C.K.Menon and others, after effective discussions and deliberations, who gave a structure for promoting committee according to the co-operation laws.

The NRI service co-operative society has obtained its approval from the Kerala government for operation on December 22nd 2008.

The society has commenced its operation under the leadership of hon'ble Padmasree Adv.C.K.Menon's committee since then.

The society gives a profit share up to 25% to its members since the first audit. The society is offering high interests for the deposits, conducting monthly deposit schemes (MDS), offering various kinds of loans and apart from that loan on gold pledging also are being facilitated in the society. In that manner, NRI society is ensuring the welfare of NRI's in Thrissur district. Likewise, society is proposing to strategize the welfare of the NRI's in many other walks of life as the situation needs in immediate future.